Office Content

This insures your office contents against damage to its general contents, loss of rent, loss of documentation, legal liability as a result of the loss of documents, increase in the cost of working incurred in order to maintain normal working operations.

Accounts Receivable

This cover is available for loss as a result of books of account, business books or records being damaged and therefore being unable to establish outstanding balances due to you.

Accidental Damage

This section covers accidental damage to the insured property which is not covered under any other section.


This covers all the insured property and contents against theft.


This cover is available for the loss of money, which in this case includes but is not exclusive to cash, bank notes, cheques, postal orders, money orders and credit card vouchers.


This cover is for the loss of internal and external glass, signwriting and treatment on the insured property.


Loss of money due to fraud, dishonesty or stolen property whilst in transit.

Employer's liability

This section focuses on insurance for the death, injury or illness of anyone employed through a contract of service or apprenticeship by, you, the insured.

Stated benefits & group personal accident

Compensation for bodily injury to any employee of the insured which results in death or disability.


This section insures your vehicles, its accessories and its spare parts against loss.

Electronic Equipment

Your electronic equipment can be insured against physical loss and or consequential loss.

Third party computer and funds transfer fraud

This insures you against currency theft due to computer fraud, fraudulent transfer instructions. This includes funds you may be keeping in an account for your clients.

Machinery breakdown & loss of profits (as a consequence thereof)

This covers physical damage to machinery whiles at work, rest, moved to a new position, re-erection and during the dismantling process for cleaning and overhaul purpose.

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